Importer, Exporter and Manufacturer's Representative

Abdullah Enterprises, is a sister-concern of Buksh Manufacturing Corporation 
Abdullah Enterprises is a sister-concern of Buksh Manufacturing Corporation which was established in 2006.  Abdullah Enterprises is an established importer and distributor of many international brands, whereas Buksh Manufacturing Corporation has been one of the forefront leaders in Textile Industries and allied products.

Abdullah Enterprises represents a unique hand in sales, marketing and distribution for each of its brands.  When Abdullah Enterprises enters into the business under the umbrella of the group, we take on significant responsibilities for our brands to market and promote them in all necessary means.  We personalize sales and marketing plans and activities to meet the needs of each product/brand.  . We have a skilled team of persons conducting consumer and market research activities.  We have an excellent physical distribution infrastructure that targets all part of the city.

Pakistan is thou a profitable and emerging market.  The population of Pakistan is estimated at 176 million people, in which Karachi contributes 10% of it, almost 18 million.  And Pakistan rank 6th in the world population.  The official languages of Pakistan is Urdu and English with provisional languages of Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Pashto.  The major religion is Islam with many other religions in minorities. 
Despite political uncertainty present in the country, Pakistan still has shown good economic growth; that is higher than average for its region. The total import of Pakistan is around US $29 billion and the majority of Pakistani imports came from China, USA, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK and Malaysia.  Import of goods have contributed 16% of GDP (2009 figures).  Imports have increased gradually throughout the years especially in sectors including health and beauty, pharmaceuticals, and general grocery items; but still Pakistan is heavily dependant on imports.  In the past couple of years Pakistan and its people is seeing a large number of new imported brands. And still market demands more. These brands are marketed and promoted by different importers/distributors by there own strategy.
 There is also an increasing trend in awareness towards a healthy lifestyle and improving living standards.  Pakistani people want to use whatever means they can do; for the betterment of their lives and we want to take advantage of these desires by importing those brands and products which we feel will work to improve lifestyles of the Pakistani consumers.

importer, exporter and manufacturer representative of skin care and beauty care product.